Living with…Red Hot Chili Peppers…for a week

I’ve started the New Year with three resolutions, one of which I broke almost instantly.  The broken one was to make time to read more regularly – first day at work that got blown away and it was lost, unless you count the several emails that I received which seemed like minor novels in their own right.  The other two I have tried to combine in my first week’s blog of 2011 – namely, to eat better (with of course the unstated assumption and hope that I may lose weight as a desired side effect) and to be that little bit more adventurous in my musical explorings.  Hence its away from the December overindulgence of turkey and Meat Loaf and on with the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

It doesn’t start off that well as I soon find that the Peppers are damaged goods for me.  My cut of Blood Sugar Sex Magik is a CD bought off ebay in early December that cost me less than a Starbucks Christmas Latte (including P&P). 25 minutes in and I discover it has an enormous scratch that has wiped out tracks 7 – 10.  So no Give It Away (their first single off the album) and no Mellowship Slinky in B Major.  I briefly ponder whether to abort the Peppers for the week but frankly I’m going with the dice that I’ve been cast here.

On first listen, I comfortably latch on to the familiar sound of Under the Bridge – probably their most recognisable and played song and I’m confident that its their version that I heard first and not the All Saints cover.  I’d hate to think that I was initiated in to this wonderful song by the Appleton sisters.  No, I’m sure that it was the Peppers version that I heard first.  Positive.

As I grow in to the album and their different moods which vary from (and you’ll excuse me making up a genre here?) funk punk to good old fashioned adult rock others start to stand out – Breaking the Girl, Naked in the Rain, Apache Rose Peacock. There may even be some more gems in tracks 7-10 but I’ll not find that out this week.  There’s very good stuff here and technically I can appreciate that this is a great album.  But I’ve not warmed to them as I thought I would – by the end of the week the album has largely left me cold (pardon the pun).

Which might explain why I stumbled over with some delight a very active pun band called the Red Hot Chilli Pipers (Bagpipers who rock, to quote their website).  How could I resist?  I was inevitably drawn on a journey of discovery and saw out the week to the slaughtered strains of Radio GaGa, We Will Rock You and Chasing Cars piped out at full volume and pace. The Pipers would of course be moving at a fairly slow pace for Chasing cars.  Jock on! (to again quote their website).

I also think I might have broken another of those New Year Resolutions.

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