Looking back on…Living with…in 2010

As I only started the blog in September and there have only been 3 months of discovery, I can’t claim a full year but anyway these are the winners in the following categories.


Best Album discovered of the year: Blonde on Blonde – Bob Dylan

“Washing myself in the sounds of Blonde on Blonde… So, winding down the week with an album and alt album that will live on with me some time, and will get played and played again.”  Living with…Bob Dylan…for a week

Runner Up: Is This It – The Strokes

“Fourth listen.  I get them!  Unnervingly simple on the first listen, they are a natural rocking sound.  NME may pontificate (and they do that very well) about the resonance of the lyrics, but I didn’t really connect with anything in the words.  But I loved the energy of the music – this is driving music at full volume when you just want to let rip!  Great edgy guitar work drawing on a range of styles – from pop to reggae to rockabilly.  Loved Hard to Explain from the start but in truth once I got the sound there isn’t a weak track in the whole album. Turn it up.”  Living with…The Strokes…for a week


Best song discovered of the year: Visions of Johanna – Marianne Faithfull

Another discovery from my week with Bob Dylan.  “…returning to Marianne Faithfull’s beautiful Visions of Johanna – definitely the find of the week.  I’m sure his Bobness wouldn’t mind – he wrote the words and music and someone came and stole them to create perfection!”  Living with…Bob Dylan…for a week

Runner Up: Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attack

“How could I not love Unfinished Sympathy?  The song is sublime and I suggest anyone reading this pauses their life for 5 minutes 21 seconds and discovers this album’s finest moment.” Living with…Massive Attack…for a week


Best video discovered of the year: Lithium – Polyphonic Spree

Strangely enough, sheer unadulterated joy.  “Not sure that’s what Kurt had in mind, and I guess its all a bit too late to find out now.”  Living with…Nirvana…for a week

Runner Up: for sheer horror value Bat out of Hell – Wagner

“Sometimes a thing can be so awful as to pass as genius.”  Living with…Meat Loaf…for a week Part II

Worst discovery of the year: Bat out of Hell – Meat Loaf

Easily.  “Surely there must be some redeeming feature of this album…30 million people can’t be wrong, can they?”  Living with…Meatloaf  Part 1 and Part 2.


So its Hello to 2011 and Goodbye to 2010.

Happy New Year.