Living with…Glee…for a week

So, what would you expect at Christmas…living with Dark Side of the Moon? Wait…that gives me an idea to which I’ll come back.

For those not in the know, Glee is one of those American series that lurks on E4 in the post 9pm slot.  Its High School Musical meets Fame meets every conceivable hue of race, creed, sexuality, disability and….it has cheerleaders, lots of them.  This is either intensely annoying, or you can, like us, become addicted when you catch up with the whole of Series One in a few weeks.

The premise is simple – the cast face a crisis of some sort and basically resolve it by breaking out in to song.  Other people’s songs.  So that at any stage it could be a Madonna song,  a Neil Diamond song, a Lady GaGa song, a Heart song.  Brilliantly, each one keeps the story moving, and you come away with a big smile.  Unless, you’re in the afore mentioned intensely annoyed category and feel really cynical in which case it just annoys the heck out of you even more.

My favourite moment is the very short but hilarious MC Hammer sequence in the library.  Don’t know why, just makes me laugh every time  and even while I’m writing this:

Listening to Glee: The Music, Best of Season One.  I’m a massive fan of cover versions  but have to admit that music-wise, they rarely improve on the originals.  Their version of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ is brilliant and probably now overplayed, but listen to them slaughter Amy Winehouse’s Rehab or Jessie’s Girl or Over the Rainbow.  But it doesn’t really matter – this isn’t about great music as much as fun with music!

Which leads me to a new Christmas game and one of my other great loves – lists. List ten albums/ artists/ songs that Glee could never never cover, known as UnGleeable.

And ten artists that they most definitely must cover, known as Perfectly Gleeable.

The UnGleeable

1. Dark Side of the Moon – Pink Floyd

2. Never Mind the Bollocks – Sex Pistols

3. Cliff Richard (I don’t think they’d dare on the credibility stakes…)

4. Tales of a Topographic Ocean – Yes

5.  Born to Run – Bruce Springstein (please, please don’t)

6. The Arcade Fire

7.  The Queen is Dead – The Smiths

8.  anything by the Cure (seriously, anything)

9. Lily the Pink by the Scaffold

10. Susan Boyle (hang on, she is a cover version herself…)

Perfectly Gleeable

1. Kylie (I haven’t heard a Kylie cover yet, but maybe I’ve missed out)

2. Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

3. Fleetwood Mac (odds-on it’ll be Don’t Stop)

4. Abba (everyone else does…)

5.  Dusty Springfield

6.  Meatloaf  (sorry to say but they WILL cover him)

7. Foreigner (if not already done…)

8. Donna Summer

9. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus

10. Ozzy Osbourne (pleeassseeee…)

I have no foreknowledge of Series Two so await and see.

Finally, an honourable mention for my favourite web site spin-off from the series – What would Emma Pilsbury wear (wwepw) – presumably coloured rubber wristbands are available enscribed with those letters.  Dedicated to the immaculate Ms Pilsbury this analyses her every cardigan wearing moment and helps you to dress like and look like Emma Pilsbury (that’s you NOT me in case you were wondering…)

Series Two of Glee starts in January, try and catch Series One first if you can – you’ll either love it or be intensely annoyed.