Living with…Meat Loaf…for a week Part II

A week in with Mr Loaf and how do I feel now?  Is Bat out of Hell still a pile of bat poo? Well…I’ve warmed to it a bit, but not a tremendous amount.  I tried catching the live experience but no flame lit up for me.  Hidden in the midst of the album there is a beautiful ballad in Heaven Can Wait, but for the rest I’m finding less Springstein and more the occasional dose of Showaddywaddy.

And surely that isn’t John Barrowman reciting the male part at the start of You Took the Words Right out of My Mouth?  The resemblance is uncanny and it would fit as one of the camper moments on the album…

And now to spend some more time with the lyrics. I feel a tag cloud coming on – see below.  The key words of Bat out of Hell drawn out for all to see, the larger the word the more its used. Time for some literary analysis…

The top ten words used are:

1, Love 33

2. Night 29

3.gonna 23

4. gotta 18

5. ain’t 16

6. baby, sleep, oh 15

9. hell 14

10. mouth, words 13

So now its clear – this album is about Love…at night. Mr Loaf  is very, very active as he’s always gonna do something or gotta do something.  So based on that, we can write some further lyrics along those themes –

Baby, I love the night and I ain’t gonna sleep

followed by

Oh hell, my mouth gotta love my baby


And now that’s sorted, I will leave Mr Loaf.  I usually lke to finish with a good cover version, but my thanks to CJ for providing me with a truly awful cover of Bat Out of Hell courtesy of Wagner (he of X Factor rather than operatic fame)  Sometimes a thing can be so awful as to pass as genius.

This weekend, P and I plan to take refuge from the chills outside with some warm home cooking and baking from Nigella’s new cookery book that I got for my birthday.  I notice there are a couple of meatloaf recipes to try out, and depending on whether we get beyond the chocolate brownies we may even do so – and that’ll be the closest we come to this album for a while now.