My Dad and Mick Jagger

Returning to an earlier question, I sat down with my dad and we tried to work out what he had in common with Mick Jagger. Our quest was short and limited.

  1. They both love cricket, and are prepared to go to lengths to catch the old leather and willow.  Mick started his own ISP, my dad has paid for Sky Sports in his office.
  2. They were both born within a few months of each other in 1943 in wartime southern Britain
  3. They both went to Grammar School
  4. Although not listing Angelina Jolie and Carla Bruni as former romantic acquaintances, my dad is a great admirer of the former’s films and would I’m sure like the latter’s music…one day when he gets to hear it.

And there  the facts might lie, but for one question for which we have insufficient detail:

  • does Mick also detest carrots?

And for any leads on that, I would be grateful


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