Living with…Aretha Franklin…for a week

Lady Soul moves in on Monday – she is an excellent houseguest.  From the moment the chant “Chain Chain Chain” comes spilling from the speakers she sets out to entertain, but not challenge.  This is beautiful soul music.

First met Aretha as a large ‘backing lady’ performing duets with George Michael and Keith Richards – who was this woman?  And looking back, she’s not quite that large…the hindsight of age! They all seemed to rate her.  Then a showing in The Blues Brothers performing a brilliant rendition of Think in a cafe while Jake and Elwood tempt her husband away on their mission to put the band back together.

And then, nothing for a few years, until I discovered her ironing.  Well, not her exactly.  My flatmate Ray would always do his ironing to Aretha – at full volume – so the rest of us could hear and join in.  And that’s when she joined my cassette collection in the shape of a double tape compilation.

And she’s good company. and I no longer thought of her as the bloated figure of the 80s accompanying George and Keith.  She stood on her own two feet.  And now its Lady Soul playing this week…and its better than good.  This is soul.