Living with…the Rolling Stones…for a week

So lets try this experiment.

I try out a classic rock or something album for a week – one that I don’t really know, and live with the music, the band and all that it meant and see how it shapes up.

May or may not work…a bit like some of these classic albums really.

Anyway, I thought I’d start with the ultimate old bad boys of rock n roll the Rolling Stones and with THE album Exile on Main Street. Its the one that always comes top – apparently.


So lets start with a confession – never listened to a Stones album end-to-end before.  Always muttered about them being my favourite 60s band but had only based that on various greatest hits compilation.  And anyway this is early 70s and we’re now in to bloated drug-induced music. I thought.

First go on the car stereo  and I’m liking – its rambling and shambolic but in a highly structured way. Track 3 Shake Your Hips and we’re in to basic blues territory.  Reminds me of the first time that I saw the Blues Brothers, loved the car chases but also fell in love with the background sound track that was every bit better than the main songs. Played all the way through and I like it even more…all different stuff mixed in – gospel, country, blues and sounding like you just walked in on a bunch of lads who just enjoy making music.

Slapped a few random tracks on back at home.  P danced a little and then demanded some different music, looking meaningfully at the S Club 7 CD on the side.  I stood my ground, we’re listening to this music. And then Uncle Mick breaks out in to a chorus of

“Come on, come on down, you got it in you.
Got to scrape that s**t right off you shoes.”

And its time to move on to something else before she notices.  Lesson No 1 of living with the Rolling Stones – never trust them to behave

Next thing to do is find out what they all got up to while they were recording this stuff…I have a growing sense of dread

Later on Tuesday

Oh dear, I think I’ll save writing about that until tomorrow.


The album’s good…no, its very good. It grows on you, and I love the way it flits between different moods and genres of music.

But what about the band?  Living with the music for a week is fine, but what about living with the band? This motley group of megastars as they were at this stage.  Working from the ever-so-reliable source of wikipedia I gather we have a band of two halves – one pretty well permanently drugged up and the other just a bit drugged up and trying to focus earnestly on making their great music, or at least trying to clear their tax debts.

So not surprising I guess that this music didn’t feature in my childhood listening – in fact I’m pretty sure parents used to get worked up in their disapproval of the ‘Stones’ – not the guys you’d want to come back with your daughter or son.  On a route to self-destruction, but a very creative one.

I’m liking Shine a Light the most today, which has that churchy gospel feel,  Can’t believe I haven’t picked this out before but never really featured in the Satisfaction/ Jumping Jack Flash compilations that I’ve listened to before.

So if one of the Stones came back to your house for tea what would happen?  Mick would probably drink a nice cup of Darjeeling, have a bit of Victoria Sponge and be just charming.  Keith, now he’d only be interested in trying to break open the brownies. Charlie would be impeccably behaved, and I don’t know about Bill…

Pause for thought, Mick Jagger is 3 months older than my dad.  I’ll carry that one over to tomorrow


Album on mix in the car and loving it even more.  Favourite track of the day “I just want to see his face” – can’t understand a word of it, but love the drumming and feel of it…

Watched a bio of the Rolling Stones last night presumably from the Biography channel, interesting but annoyingly few photos that they kept panning in and out of continuously while commentating.

Mulling over the fact that Mick is three months older than my dad I feel I need to explore what they have in common – I’ll check this out when I see him next week (that’s my dad, not Mick Jagger). I can start with a deep love of cricket but hope to discover more.


Exor on Main Street…hmmm an appropriate joke for a highways maintenance leaving do.  Best wishes for the future Sara.

Continue to mix it today…Tumbled Dice and Shine a Light shining through.

What have I got from the week?

1. I’ve found a great album

2. I find myself humming and singing Sweet Virginia a lot as one of the more catchy numbers:

“Come on, come on down, you got it in you.
Got to scrape that s**t right off you shoes.”

and maybe that’s appropriate sometimes…

3. A growing appreciation of the Stones as musical artists overcoming their inability to get on and their chemical obsessions of the time

4. The realisation that Mick REALLY is the same age as my dad, and I need to find out whether they have anything else apart from  cricket in common.

5. And yes, I wanna do this again so next week I’ll mostly be living with Marvin Gaye – Whats Going On.  So not really moving year, but we’ll see